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Our new edmonton branch is now open!



Propane Delivery

Recognized for its low environmental impact by Canada’s Alternative Fuels Act, propane is one of the cleanest and most versatile fuels in existence. We specalize in Propane Tank rentals and Bulk Propane delivery for all your alternative fuel needs. Customizable services are available for Commercial and Residential Construction, Asphalt and Paving, Residential Heating, Oilfield Well Testing, Hot Oilers, Pump Jacks, Grain Drying and many other industries.


Propane Cylinders

Bulk pumping to Cylinders.JPG

Propane powered forklifts have lower emissions and can be safely operated indoors and outdoors. Eco-Pro Services offers Propane Cylinder and Cage rentals, customized delivery schedules, cylinder recertifications and compliance inspections. On site Propane Dispenser Cabinets and Tanks are available for larger scale operations.


Heating Equipment

Eco-Pro can provide propane and natural gas heating equipment of any size. Propane powered heating equipment is cleaner burning and lower maintenance than operating on diesel. These cost effective units are the efficient choice for any of your Winter Construction and Temporary Heating needs. All rental packages are tailored to your site requirements and supported by our team of professionals.


Construction Monitoring

Optimize your concrete mixes beyond what you ever
thought was possible. We collect your critical concrete data in real-time. We organize it, graph it, and report it all automatically in customized dashboards right on your mobile device. Eco-Pro Services can streamline your construction and can save up to two weeks on your initial crane erection and 1 - 4 days on every floor.


Power Generation

All our generators are cost efficient, remotely monitored, noise reduced and completely self contained. We provide propane and natural gas generator rentals of any size to suit all your power generation needs. With zero exhaust, propane is a cleaner-burning fuel than gasoline or diesel, making it better for both the environment and your generator.



Gas Fitting

We have a team of certified and reliable service technicians available for any gas fitting needs. Picker truck and Hot Shot services with experienced operators are available 24/7. At Eco-Pro, we aim to provide Alberta with high-quality, expedient service year-round.

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